Democracy Now

Democracy Now! (9 am) – August 7, 2008

Salim Hamdan Found Guilty in First US War Crimes Tribunal since WWII; Rwanda Accuses Top French Officials in 1994 Genocide; South Korea Commission Probes Civilian Massacres by US in Korean War; South Koreans Fill Streets of Seoul to Continue Protest Against US Beef Imports.

Today’s Headlines

    * Bin Laden Driver Convicted in Gitmo War Crimes Trial
    * Question Remains as FBI Moves to Close Anthrax Case
    * Bush, Protesters Criticize China on Human Rights
    * Military Leaders Overthrow Mauritania Government
    * Argentine Military Leaders Sentenced for Crimes Under Junta
    * Bolivia to Hold Referendum on Morales Recall
    * Red Cross: Colombia Violated Geneva Conventions
    * Muslim Outreach Adviser Resigns from Obama Campaign
    * Survey: 1-in-5 Marketing Execs Buy Ad Space for News Coverage
    * Black Pa. Man Killed in Police Tasering
    * US Closes Climate Preparedness Program for Poor Countries
    * 3 LA Hospitals Accused of Medicare Fraud

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