Democracy Now

Democracy Now! (9 am) – July 31, 2008

Raj Patel on the Collapse of the World Trade Organization Talks; Plan Mexico and the US-Funded Militarization of Mexico; And GOP Congressional Candidate Accuses Al Jazeera of Trying to Kidnap Him in Florida.


    * Olmert to Resign Amid Corruption Investigations
    * House Committee Finds Karl Rove in Contempt
    * Turkish Court Rejects Ban on Ruling Party
    * RAND Report Criticizes Military Focus of War on Terror
    * Olympic Committee Admits China Will Censor Internet During Games
    * Radovan Karadzic to Appear Before UN War Crimes Tribunal
    * Ecuador Refused to Renew Lease on US Air Force Base
    * Chevron Lobbies to Fight Amazon Pollution Lawsuit
    * Humanitarian Activists to Sail to Gaza to Break Israeli Blockade
    * Report: US Military to Play Intelligence Role During DNC in Denver
    * Gun Control Activist Exposed as Gun Lobby Spy

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