Democracy Now

Democracy Now! (9 am) – July 29, 2008

Newspapers Suffer Spate of Layoffs, Decline in Circulation, Ad Revenue, Stock Price: A Roundtable Discussion on the State of the Industry; The Big Squeeze: Steven Greenhouse on Tough Times for the American Worker.

Today’s Headlines

    * At Least 60 Killed in Baghdad Suicide Attack
    * 6 Die in US Missile Strike in Pakistan
    * Iran Seeking “Common Ground” with US
    * Israel Won’t Negotiate on Jerusalem
    * Spain Issues Arrest Warrants for Israelis over 2002 Gaza Bombing
    * Admin to Leave Behind Record Deficit
    * Probe: Justice Dept. Vetted Applicants for Political Views, Sexual Orientation
    * EPA Imposes Gag on Employees
    * Assailant Attacked Tennessee Church for Liberal Views
    * Blackwater Awarded Millions in Small Business Contracts
    * Audit: Millions Wasted on Unfinished Iraqi Prisons, Courts
    * 2 More Banks Close as Crisis Widens
    * La. Prosecutors Seek Indictment of Officer in Taser Death

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