Democracy Now

Democracy Now! (9 am) – July 22, 2008

Who’s Paying for the Conventions? Corporate Sponsors Pour Millions into Party Coffers; Obama Adviser Cass Sunstein Debates Glenn Greenwald on FISA Vote, Executive Power and Prosecuting White House Officials for War Crimes; Nudge: Cass Sunstein on Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth and Happiness.

Today’s Headlines

    * Iraq Gov’t Calls for US Withdrawal by 2010
    * McCain: I Know What Iraqis Want
    * Mukasey Calls on Congress to Declare War Against al-Qaeda
    * Bosnian Serb Leader Radovan Karadzic Arrested
    * Mugabe and Tsvangirai Meet to Hold Power-Sharing Talks
    * First Military Commission Trial Begins at Guantanamo
    * Report: Cheney’s Office Pressured EPA Over Regulating Greenhouse Gases
    * Four Arrested at Mountain Removal Protest in Tennessee
    * Duke Energy Sued Over New Coal-Powered Power Plant
    * Palestinian Man Shot by Israel Speaks Out
    * Police Taser Death in Louisiana Ruled a Homicide
    * Indian Parliament Holds No-Confidence Vote
    * CommonDreams Co-Founder, Lina Newhouser, 56, Dies

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