Democracy Now

Democracy Now! (9 am) – July 17, 2008

Bailout for Mortgage Giants, IndyMac Bank Collapse, Dollar Hits New Low, Inflation at 26-Year High, Dow Falls Below 11K…A Look at the Financial Crisis; Nelson Mandela Turns 90; Spike Lee to Film Tony Award-Winning Musical "Passing Strange" as Show Comes to a Close on Broadway.

Today’s Headlines

    * 8 Afghan Civilians Killed in US Attack
    * US Abandons Site of Deadly Troop Raid
    * 18 Killed in Iraq Market Bombing
    * Lebanese Celebrate Release of Freed Prisoners
    * Report: US to Re-Establish Diplomatic Presence in Iran
    * US Ordered to Delay Executions of 5 Mexicans
    * Colombia Misused Red Cross Symbol During Hostage Rescue
    * Addressing NAACP, McCain Backs Private Vouchers
    * Bush Invokes Exec Privilege to Block CIA Leak Testimony
    * White House Pushed Bush Loyalist Over Top Justice Dept. Candidates

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