Democracy Now

Democracy Now! (9 am) – May 12, 2008

World Renowned Philosopher Slavoj Zizek on the Iraq War, the Bush Presidency, the War on Terror & More;81 Dead in Lebanon as Hezbollah Clashes with US-Backed Pro-Government Forces.


    * Oxfam: Burma on Brink of Massive Public Health Catastrophe
    * Junta Blocks & Delays Aid Supplies to Burma
    * Climate Change Group: Cyclone Is a Sign of Things to Come
    * GOP Convention Coordinator Resigns Over Ties to Burma’s Junta
    * Obama Gains Support of 21 Superdelegates
    * After 1,000 Killed, a Ceasefire Is Reached in Sadr City
    * US-Backed Iraqi Troops Launch Attack in Mosul
    * Report: Blackwater Won’t Face Criminal Charges for Civilian Deaths
    * Price of Oil Reaches New High: $126 Per Barrel
    * Environmental Activist Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison
    * NYPD Disciplines White Officer Who Stopped Black Commander
    * More Headlines…

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