Democracy Now

Democracy Now! (9 am) – April 28, 2008

Following Acquittal of NYPD Officers in Sean Bell Killing, Advocates Call for Special Prosecutor in Police Brutality Cases; Scott Ritter: By Releasing Intel, US Endorses Israel’s Illegal Bombing of Alleged Syrian Nuke Site; Former Marine Returns to Iraq as Embedded Photographer Only to be Ordered Home.

Today’s Headlines

    * NYPD Officers Acquitted in Killing of Sean Bell
    * Afghan President Karzai Survives Assassination Attempt
    * Bush Administration Claims It Can Ignore Anti-Torture Laws
    * Pentagon Admits Planning Potential Military Action Against Iran
    * Adm. Mullen Claims N.Korea-Syria Nuke Link
    * Palestinian Family Killed in Israeli Shelling
    * US Sergeant Acquitted in Killing of Unarmed Iraqi
    * Pentagon Suspends Briefings for Retired Military Officers
    * 27 UN Agencies Meet to Tackle Global Food Crisis
    * Profits Soar for Global Agribusinesses & Speculators
    * Bush to Veto Democratic Plan to Help Homeowners
    * Canadian Police Arrest Five Mohawk Protesters

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