Living Room

Living Room – April 24, 2008

To protest the Wars, The International Longshore and Warehouse Union, ILWU, has organized a shut down of all U.S. West Coast ports for International Workers’ Day, May 1st 2008. Jack Heyman and Clarence Thomas of the ILWU will be on Living Room to talk about the action and put it into historical context. They’ll be joined by organizers of the companion Immigrants’ Rights marches taking place in Oakland and San Francisco on May Day 2008.

Also, in cities throughout California, new laws and regulations limiting tobacco smoking in Apartments and Condos are being passed, with new ones being considered all of the time. Find out what your rights as a non smoker are in this changing environment when Serena Chen of the American Lung Association takes your calls during the second half of the show.

On Living Room, with guest host Eric Klein.

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