Full Circle

Full Circle – April 11, 2008

this episode is no longer available

The Media Justice Town Hall Community Forum

Updates on the upcoming FCC hearings taking place on April 17 at Stanford University.
Panelists also discuss the necessity of communities telling their own stories, and grassroots community media’s role in supporting the people’s voice.  Also, the power that expression has for community empowerment and the necessity of expression towards healing as a moral, social, political and economic necessity.
Questions came up around the cause of KPFA management pulling the original broadcast slated to go live on March 21 on Full Circle.

Panel moderator: JR of the Prisoners of Conscience Committee (POCC) and Block Report Radio.

Tiny AKA Lisa Gray- Garcia of Poor News Network
Rainjita Yang-Geesler- Co- Director of the First Voice Apprenticeship Program at KPFA
Eloise Rose Lee- Media Alliance
Renita Pitts of TEMPO (Technological empowerment media project of Oakland)
Shahram Aghamir- Voices of the Middle East and North Africa also representing KPFA’s unpaid staff organization (UPSO).
Willie Ratcliff- Bay View Newspaper publisher

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