Democracy Now

Democracy Now! (9 am) – March 27, 2008

In New Book, Chilean Ambassador to the UN Details Bush Admin’s Pre-War Efforts to Coerce Allies into Supporting Iraq Invasion; British Correspondent Patrick Cockburn on Iraq’s Growing Sectarian Divide and the Myth of "Success" in the US "Surge."


    * Up to 60 Iraqis Killed in US Attack on Hilla
    * Oil Rises to $107 a Barrel After Pipeline Attack
    * Report: US Escalates Military Strikes in Pakistan to Preempt Anticipated Opposition
    * UN Climate Change Head Warns on Antarctic Ice Melt
    * McCain: US Casualties, Not Occupation, at Issue in Iraq
    * Citing Security, Ex-Obama Pastor Cancels Texas Appearances
    * Protesters Flood Bear Stearns to Protest Government Bailout, Foreclosure Inaction
    * Ex-Gitmo Prosecutor Leaving Military
    * Olmert Hints at Renewed Israeli Attacks on Gaza
    * US War Contractor Shipped Decades-Old Ammo to Afghanistan

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