Democracy Now

Democracy Now! (9 am) – March 26, 2008

A Century in Iraq, Replacing UN with "League of Democracies," Rogue State Rollback? A Look at John McCain’s Foreign Policy Vision; "The Man Who Pushed America to War" – Aram Roston on "The Extraordinary Life, Adventures and Obsessions of Ahmad Chalabi"; Homeowners Plan Demonstration at NYC Offices of Bear Stearns, JPMorgan Chase to Protest Government Bailout.


    * Iraqi Crackdown on Sadr Militia in Basra Spreads to Other Shiite Areas
    * Workers Sue KBR for Toxic Exposure in Iraq
    * Supreme Court Weighs Plight of US Prisoners Challenging Iraqi Sentences
    * Palestinian Authority Denies Israeli Influence over Security Force
    * US Suggests Ending Public Debate on Israel-Palestine at UN
    * Charities: Afghan Donor Money Wasted on Salaries, Profits
    * US Says Nuclear Parts Mistakenly Sent to Taiwan
    * Defense Minister’s Comments Reignite Colombia-Ecuador Row
    * Lebanon to Boycott Arab League Summit
    * Chavez: McCain a “Man of War”
    * Supreme Court Rejects World Court Jurisdiction
    * Scientists: Global Warming Behind Massive Antarctic Ice Collapse
    * Tobacco Company Funded Lung Cancer Study

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