La Raza Chronicles

La Raza Chronicles – March 18, 2008

We continue to honor Women’s Day: Nina Serrano interviews 3 fascinating women: artist Susana Aragon about her up coming exhibit in Cuzco, Peru; Mujeres Unidas members to follow up on thier PROTEST actions against abusive employers of domestic workers; Mamacoatl about the Women’s Day cleansing  in the SF Barrio.  We also feature," Streets of Aztlan" with Mr Chooch (Ventura Longoria)  on the Mechixa New Year celebration. Rafael Jesus Gonzalez offers his commentary on the veto of the anti- torture bill.
Everything will be well seasoned with musica DEL PERU and  poesia. Vanessa Bohm brings local, national, and international,  "News Sin Fronteras" about events in the Americas and the national Latino communitites.

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