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Democracy Now! (9 am) – March 13, 2008

David Paterson to Become First African American Gov in NY History, First Blind Gov in US History; David Paterson Invokes Paul Robeson, Harriet Tubman, Malcolm X in Remembrance of Jazz Legend Max Roach; Defeat: British Journalist Jonathan Steele on Why America and Britain Lost Iraq.

Today’s Headlines

    * Iraqi Girl Slain By US Troops
    * Study: Most Americans Undercount US Toll in Iraq
    * US Receives Severed Fingers of Captured Contractors
    * Admin Blocks Release of Exhaustive Report on Key Pre-War Claim
    * 40 Militants, 8 Civilians Killed in Afghanistan
    * Israel-Hamas Truce Collapses with Israeli Attack in West Bank
    * Israel Boycotts Al Jazeera
    * Protesters Call Rice “War Criminal” at House Hearing
    * Britain Orders 1,400 Asylum Seekers to Return to Iraq
    * UK Urged to Grant Asylum Gay Iranian Teen
    * Clinton, Obama Talk Michigan, Florida Re-Vote
    * Spitzer Resigns; Paterson to Become New York’s First Black Governor
    * Pentagon Reviewing Newly Disclosed Interrogation Tapes
    * Bush: Chavez Represents “Vision of Terrorists and Demagogues”
    * New EPA Smog Standards Lower Than Scientists Recommend
    * Al-Arian Hospitalized on 9th Day of Hunger Strike
    * Former Sen. Howard Metzenbaum Dies at 90

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