The Morning Show

The Morning Show – March 30, 2007

Sports and Society: Pat Tillman and Gary Tyler

Dave Zirin, author of “What’s My Name Fool: Sports and Resistance in the United States”
Larry Salomon, professor of ethnic studies at SF State currently teaching a class is race, sports and society.

Reproductive Justice

Krista Jacob, editor of “Our Choices, Our Lives: Unapologetic
Writings on Abortion” Also editor of “Abortion Under Attack: Women on the Challenges Facing Choice”
Eveline Shen, MPH, “Executive Director” Asian Communities for Reproductive Justice

Reyna Cowan on Film

GRBAVICA: The Land of My Dreams, directed by Jasmila Zbanic
(from Bosnia Hertogovena)
The Prisoner or How I planned to kill Tony Blair
Co-directors Michael Tucker and Petra Epperlein

How Do we Celebrate Cesar Chavez?

Mark Coplan, Public Relations Director for the Berkeley School District also a member of the Chavez Commemorative Committee
Lupe Gallegos Diaz – Director of Chicano/Latino Student Development At UC Berkeley
Jiro Ignacio Palmieri, Berkeley High School Student part of Youth Together

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