Democracy Now

Democracy Now! (9 am) – March 6, 2008

FCC Launches Probe of Alabama TV Station Accused of Censoring a 60 Minutes Expose on the GOP’s Prosecution of Alabama’s Imprisoned Former Gov. Don Siegelman; The FCC & Censorship: Legendary Media Activist Everett Parker on the Revocation of WLBT’s TV License in the 1960s for Shutting Out Voices of the Civil Rights Movement; Retired Military Generals Criticize President Bush for Preparing to Veto Anti-Torture Bill.


    * Democratic Race Enters New Phase with Focus on Penn. Primary
    * President Bush Endorses Sen. John McCain
    * Report: Humanitarian Situation in Gaza Worst Since 1967
    * Obama & Clinton Express Support for Israel’s Actions in Gaza
    * Suspected Shiite Death Squad Leaders Acquitted
    * OAS Accuses Colombia of Violating Ecuador’s Sovereignty
    * Gates: US “Very Supportive” of Colombia’s Anti-FARC Efforts
    * Housing Market in Deepest Downswing Since Depression
    * FBI Admits Improper Use of National Security Letters in 2006
    * Rising Food Prices Forces Cuts in Food Aid
    * Bipartisan Senators Push to Block Media Ownership Rules
    * Explosion Reported at Armed Recruiting Station in Times Square
    * More Headlines…

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