Democracy Now

Democracy Now! (9 am) – February 29, 2008

EXCLUSIVE – The Three Trillion Dollar War: Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz and Harvard Economist Linda Bilmes on the True Cost of the US Invasion and Occupation of Iraq.


    * Israeli Minister Threatens Gaza “Holocaust”
    * Iraqis Protest US Raids
    * Funeral Held for Slain Iraqi Journalist
    * US Deploys Warships Off Lebanon Coast
    * Bush Dismisses Recession Fears, Chides Obama
    * In New Record, Dem Candidates Raise Estimated $80M
    * Clinton Proposes Military Contractor Ban
    * Nader Taps San Fran Attorney, Ex-Mayoral Candidate as VP Running Mate
    * Cuba Ratifies Two UN Rights Treaties
    * Apparent NATO Strike Kills Eight in Pakistan
    * Record 1-in-100 Americans Behind Bars
    * Women’s Health Activist Barbara Seaman Dies at 72
    * More Headlines…

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