Democracy Now

Democracy Now! (9 am) – February 13, 2008

Antiwar Candidate Donna Edwards Defeats Incumbent Rep. Albert Wynn in Key Maryland Primary; In Defense of Food: Author, Journalist Michael Pollan on Nutrition, Food Science and the American Diet.


    * Senate Backs Expanding Government Spying, Immunizing Telecoms
    * Obama, McCain Sweep Potomac Primary
    * 9/11 Charges Renew Fears of Gitmo Executions
    * Panel Warns U.S. Lagging on Nuke Oversight
    * Putin Threatens Ukraine Over NATO, U.S. Missile Shield
    * U.S. Rejects Space Weapons Ban
    * 18 Rebel Soldiers Sought for East Timor Assassination Attempt
    * Hezbollah Military Leader Killed in Syria Bombing
    * Red Cross Warns of Afghan Refugee Crisis
    * Sadr Group: Deal Reached to Free CBS News Journalists
    * Ex-Contractor: 38 Women Suffering Abuses in Iraq Unable to Go Public, Press Charges
    * Following Record Loss, GM Seeks to Cut Workforce
    * Florida Police Suspended for Throwing Quadriplegic Out of Wheelchair
    * More Headlines…

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