In Your Ear

In Your Ear – March 24, 2007

this episode is no longer available

A 1987 interview with the late, great violinist/composer Leroy Jenkins (3/11/32 – 2/24/07) will be rebroadcast on "In Your Ear", 4-6pm on KPFA. Born in Chicago in 1932, Jenkins attended DuSable High School where he studied with the legendary music teacher Captain Walter Dyett, who taught Richard Davis, Johnny Griffin, John Gilmore, and many others. In the 1960s he joined the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM) and in ’69 left for Europe with AACM cohorts Anthony Braxton and Leo Smith. In Paris, they met with drummer Steve McCall and formed the Creative Construction Company. Back in the U.S. in the early ’70s, he settled in New York where he recorded with Archie Shepp, Alice Coltrane, Cal Massey, and many others. It was in New York where he, along with bassist Sirone and drummer Jerome Cooper, formed the Revolutionary Ensemble, one of the most innovative groups of the period. Jenkins was a humorous and animated story teller and the interview with program host Art Sato is chock-full of historical information and amusing tales.

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