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Democracy Now! (9 am) – January 10, 2008

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FBI Issues Subpoenas in Investigation of Machetero Puerto Rican Independence Group
Supreme Court Considers Voter ID Law that Could Disenfranchise Thousands of Poor and Minority Voters
Will Your Vote Be Counted in 2008? Electronic Voting Machines and the Privatization of Elections
Study: Of Over 2,000 Sunday Talk Show Questions to Candidates, Only Three on Global Warming


    * Study Estimates 151,000 Civilian Deaths in Iraq
    * U.S. Launches Massive Air Raids in Iraq
    * Lone Officer Charged in Abu Ghraib Scandal Has Conviction Dismissed
    * Report: Blackwater Dropped Toxin on Crowded Checkpoint
    * Pentagon Wants 3,000 More U.S. Troops in Afghanistan
    * In Mideast Visit, Bush Affirms Support for Israeli Settlement Blocs
    * Bush Warns Iran on Naval Dispute
    * Ex-CIA Official Demands Immunity for Videotape Testimony
    * NSA: “No Attack Happened” in Gulf of Tonkin
    * Cuba Marks 49th Anniversary of Cuban Revolution
    * Richardson to Withdraw from Democratic Presidential Race
    * New Principal Hired at N.Y. Arabic-Language School Following Founder’s Ouster
    * Chicago Approves $20M Settlement in Torture Case

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