Democracy Now

Democracy Now! (9 am) – January 2, 2008

Community Activists in Des Moines Speak Out on Thursday’s Iowa Caucus; Robert Parry: Hillary Clinton Signals Free Pass for Bush; Chair of Kenya’s National Human Rights Commission Condemns Kenya’s Handling of Disputed Election & Outbreak of Violence.

Today’s Headlines

    * 300 Die in Kenya in Post-Election Fighting
    * Pakistan Postpones Election
    * Pakistan Resists Calls For International Investigation into Bhutto’s Death
    * Report: Bhutto Was Preparing to Accuse Musharraf of Rigging Election
    * 16,000+ Iraqi Civilians Died in 2007
    * Iraq To Compensate Kurds Displaced From Turkish Bombings
    * Huckabee Defends Linking Homosexuality to Necrophilia
    * Giuliani Backer Calls For Extermination of Muslims
    * ABC & Fox Bar Six Presidential Candidates From NH Debate
    * Report: U.S. Has Become “Endemic Surveillance Society”
    * Navy Attorney Resigns To Protest U.S. Torture Policies
    * Bush Issues Signing Statement After Signing Sudan Divestment Act
    * Puerto Rican Pro-Independence Activists Subpoenaed

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