Cover to Cover Open Book

Cover to Cover Open Book – March 23, 2007

Honoring Women’s History Month

While men of letters have traditionally achieved the influential position of public intellectual, in the twentieth century a number of important women took on the same role. What influenced them to speak out in the public sphere? And how did they develop their voices? Susan Fraiman discusses the work of Susan Sontag – "The public intellectual is someone who engages with the world and speaks to urgent contemporary issues, and Sontag really did that…"; Margaret Simons talks about the work of Simone de Beauvoir – "Simone de Beauvoir is probably best known to American audiences as the author of The Second Sex…"; and Liliane Weissberg explores the writings of Hannah Arendt – "Hannah Arendt is arguably one of the most important philosophers of the twentieth century." Produced by "What’s The Word"

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