Sunday Salon

Sunday Salon – March 18, 2007

In our first hour…

As the 4-year anniversary approaches of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, we’ll take a look at the situation on the ground, in detention centers, in Congress, and at home…. We’ll also look at the possibility of the U.S. invasion of Iran… Our guests… Malihe Razazan, host of KPFA’s "Voices of the Middle East and North Africa." Nir Rosen, journalist who’s spent years in Iraq since the invasion began. Ann Wright, retired United States Army colonel, retired official of the U.S. State Department, and now full-time anti-war activist.

And in our Second Hour…

The Justice Department’s bad behavior: The firings of 8 U.S. Attorneys, and the illegal use of National Security letters to get private information about Americans… Guests: Constitutional Law Professor Jamie Raskin

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