APEX Express

APEX Express – March 15, 2007

Host Pratap Chatterjee discusses the Asian American Film Festival with associate director Taro Goto and four of the film makers: Hyun-Ock Im, Joy Dietrich, Duc Nguyen and Stephane Gauger.

Hyun-Ock Im is producer of "And Therafter II," a documentary film about a Korean prostitute turned war bride.

Joy Dietrich is director of "Tie A Yellow Ribbon" a feature film about an adoptee from Korea struggling to comes to terms with an incestuous relationship with her host family brother.

Stephane Gauger is director of "The Owl and the Sparrow," a feature film about a little Vietnamese girl who makes a living selling roses. More info at

Duc Nguyen director of "Bolinao 52," a documentary film about Vietnamese boat refugee who returns to make her peace with the South China Sea and her ordeal to reach the Philippines in the 1980s.

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