Sunday Salon

Sunday Salon – March 11, 2007

This week on "Sunday Salon," Journalist/Author Peter Laufer sits in for Larry

In the first hour…

Peter Laufer is the author of "Wetback Nation: The Case For Opening The Mexican-American Border." Later this month, he’ll debate Peter Brimelow, author of the 1995 anti-immigration book " Alien Nation: Common Sense About America’s Immigration Disaster." Laufer wants to know what you think about immigration. This whole hour will be about your calls.

In the second hour…

A Santa Rosa student is punished for responding to people teasing her by saying "that is so gay"; her parents sue the school district.
A Newbury Award children’s book "The Higher Power of Lucky" sparks controversy for including the word "scrotum"; some think the book should be banned.

The Governor of Florida’s moving to change the state’s song from "Swanee River" because the lyrics refer to black people as "darkies."
And, conservative commentator Anne Coulter calls Senator John Edwards a "faggot."

Each incident has sparked outcry from different groups of people. When we punish people for using certain words, or try to take them out of use, what are we doing to language? What do you think?

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