Sunday Salon

Sunday Salon – February 4, 2007

A three-hour special, from 9am to noon.

In the first hour…

Calvin Trillin is the author of 25 books, many of which portrayed his late
wife, Alice, as someone who had, "a weird predilection for limiting our
family to three meals a day." Five years after her death, Trillin has
written "About Alice," a loving tribute to her. We’ll air part of an
interview of Trillin by host Larry Bensky. You’ll have an opportunity to
get a CD copy of the full interview, plus Trillin’s book, and a recording of
him reading the book.

In the second hour…

The subpoena of journalist Sarah Olson to testify in the court martial of
Army Lieutenant Ehren Watada has been dropped. Another independent
journalist, Josh Wolf remains in federal prison for refusing to turn over to
a federal grand jury his unedited video footage of a 2005 G-8 summit
protest. Both took the position that it is not the journalist’s job to
participate in prosecutions. But, many other journalists have taken a
different position, and many say the American media is increasingly becoming
a cheerleader for federal policies.

Our guests:

Sarah Olson

Pondra Perkins, Staff Attorney at First Amendment Project
(, representing Josh Wolf

Eric Boehlert, author of "Lapdogs: How the Press Rolled Over for Bush."
You’ll have a chance to get Boehlert’s book, plus a CD recording of "The
Press on the War and the War on the Press," a panel Boehlert was on at last
month’s National Conference on Media Reform.

In the third hour…

Molly Ivins, America’s most widely syndicated progressive journalism died
this week at the age of 62. A tribute to her sharp analysis, wit and humor.

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