Democracy Now

Democracy Now! (9 am) – December 20, 2007

CIA to Hand Over Videotape Docs After Congress Threatens Subpoenas
To Impeach or Not to Impeach? A Discussion with House Judiciary Chair John Conyers and CIA Veteran Ray McGovern
The Battle to Save New Orleans Public Housing
Mike Huckabee Equates Environmentalism with Pornography
"He Should Have Known" – Mother of Woman Murdered by Rapist Says Huckabee Should Not Have Ordered His Release from Jail

Today’s Headlines

* EPA Overrules 17 States on Limiting Gas Emissions in Cars
* CIA Relents on Tape Documents After Subpoena Threat
* 12 Killed in Iraq Suicide Bombing
* Turkey: U.S. Intel Helped Attack on Kurds
* Justice Dept. Skips Contractor Rape Hearing
* Freed Gitmo Prisoners Arrested on Return to Britain
* Israel Appears to Reject Hamas Truce Offer
* Audit: Cuba Sanctions Harsher Than Iran, North Korea
* Ex-Military Officers Sentenced in Argentina
* Cynthia McKinney Announces Green Party Run

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