Voices of the Middle East and North Africa

Voices of the Middle East and North Africa – December 19, 2007

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In this week’s program, Khalil Bendib speaks with Dr. Azzedine layachi about the bombings which afflicted the city of Algiers last week as well as the current state of Franco-Algerian relations. Dr. Azzedine Layachi is Associate Professor of Political Science at St. John’s University in New York. He is the author of Economic Crisis and Political Change in North Africa (Praeger, 1998) as well as the book chapter "Political Liberalization and the Islamists in Algeria," in Islam, Democracy and the State in Algeria (Routledge, 2005). Here is the link to one of his articles posted on the Middle East Report Online http://www.merip.org/mero/mero121101.html

Later in the program, we will bring you second part of an interview about the history of modern art in Iraq in which Dr. Zeina Zaatari speaks with Nada Shabout, Assistant Professor of Art History at the University of North Texas. http://montalvoarts.org/participants/nada_shabout/

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