The Morning Show

The Morning Show – December 18, 2006

7:08 Journalist Sarah Olsen Subpoenaed in Ehren Watada court-marshal case

Dan Seigel, Attorney defending Dar Jamal,
Gary Hill, is the Ethics Committee Chair for the Society of Professional Journalists, Work:

7:33 How much are Foundations Giving to Minority-Led Nonprofits?

Orson Aguilar, Associate Director, Greenlining Institute greenliningdotorg
Keith Kelly, President & CEO Fresno West Coalition Education Development 273 land fweddotorg
James Head, Director of Programs, The San Francisco Foundation,

8:08 Making Math more accessible

Jake Disston, Math Coach and Consultant with Berkeley Unified School District,
George Gagnon, (Gan yon) teaches at the Center for Underrepresented Engineering Students at UCB, In Studio
Ruth Cossey, Professor of Education at Mills College
Irene St. Roseman, Director of the Summer Math & Science Honors Academy (SMASH), at the Level Playing Field Institute,

8:36 More on Math~Open the phones to callers

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