Sunday Salon

Sunday Salon – December 17, 2006

This Week We’re Live at KFCF in Fresno…

In our first hour…

The City of Fresno has one of the largest homeless populations in the nation. In response, the City has taken some controversial actions, including bulldozing homeless encampments.

Recently, the ACLU filed suit against the city, and a judge ordered a preliminary injunction against the city’s practice of seizing the property of homeless people. But, that’s only temporary, and doesn’t solve the real problem: hundreds — perhaps thousands — of people in Fresno have no housing.

Our guests:

Pam Kincaid is the lead plaintiff in the ACLU suit, and is homeless.

Michael Risher is an ACLU Staff Attorney.

Jeremy Weir Alderson is the director of the Homelessness Marathon. He’ll host the 10th annual marathon from the KFCF studios in February.

In our Second Hour…

The Central Valley Agriculture industry is hugely lucrative. That is, it’s lucrative for the few people who own the highly industrialized farms, dairies, feedlots, and egg production facilities.

But, the industry couldn’t run without workers. And for them, the agriculture industry doesn’t mean wealth. Farm workers face long hours, poverty wages, a lack of health insurance, a lack of access to healthful foods, and in far too many cases death.

Our guests:

Los Angeles times writer, Mark Arax. Read his recent piece on Central
Valley farmworkers here.

Monica Chavez, a farmworker and advocate from California Rural Legal

UC Berkeley specialist on natural-resource dependent workers and communities, Christy Getz, who conducted a recent survey on a lack of access to healthful foods for farmworkers in the Central Valley.

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