APEX Express

APEX Express – December 7, 2006

Hip Hop & Global Justice! Tune in as we discuss the recent verdict of the Subic Rape Case where one out of four US marines convicted of raping a 22-year old Filipina was found guilty while the others were acquitted for lack of evidence. We will be speaking with BABAE (www.babaesf.org) an SF-based Filipino Women’s organization about the on-going effort to get the US troops out of the Philippines and to end violence against women.

And on the hip hop front, we feature Palestinian-Filipino Hip Hop for the masses with The Philistines (www.thephilistines.com) an LA-based crew working for peace in the Middle East through a collaborative project called, "Free the P" (www.freethep.com). And we can’t forget the hot 7 at 7 hip hop mix by DJ Phatrick, community calendar and perhaps a come back for emcee kiwi, but only if you’re tuned in!

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