The Morning Show

The Morning Show – November 21, 2006

7:08 96th Anniversary of the Mexican Revolution
Gilberto López Rivas is an anthropologist with the National Institute of
Anthropology and History in Mexico City and a frequent contributor to La
Jornada, a Mexican daily
Laura Carlsen, Americas Program director, International Relations Center

7:33 Linda Faillace, author of "Mad Sheep: The True Story Behind the USDA’s War on a Family Farm"

8:08 Finance Charges and the Consumer
Alan Fisher, Executive Director, California Reinvestment Coalition
Gail Hillebrand, Senior Attorney-managing the credit & finance team at
the Consumers Union

8:36 Michael Perelman, Prof. of Economics at the California State University at Chico and author of "Railroading Economics: The Creation of the Free Market Mythology" and " Manufacturing Discontent: The Trap of Individualism in Corporate Society"

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