Sunday Salon

Sunday Salon – November 19, 2006

This week on Sunday Salon…

In our first our…

The American holiday glut is about to begin, first with Thanksgiving, and
continuing through the end of the year… The fact that many will be eating
more than their share makes this time of year particularly difficult for
those who go without food, or without enough food every day. We’ll talk to
Bay Area-based experts in food policy, and food scarcity… people with ideas
about food distribution and injustice.

Our guests:

Michele Simon is the director of Center for Informed Food Choices
( and author of the new book, "Appetite for Profit:
How the Food Industry Undermines Our Health and How to Fight Back" (Nation

Brahm Amadi, is the Executive Director and co-founder of The People’s
Grocery, a West Oakland-based non-profit group that brings healthy foods to
communities lacking access to it (

Christopher Cook is a journalist and the author of "Diet for a Dead Planet:
Big Business and the Coming Food Crisis" (

In our second hour…

November 18th is the 28th anniversary of the tragedy at the People’s Temple
settlement known as Jonestown in Guyana. A new film, "Jonestown: The Life
and Death of People’s Temple" ( delves deep into the
formation of the People’s Temple, and how more than 900 — including the
Temple’s leader, Jim Jones, ended up dead in Guyana.

Our guests:

Filmmaker Stanley Nelson

Jonestown survivor Tim Carter


Rebecca Moore of the Jonestown Institute (

Deborah Layton, former Jonestown member, who escaped and urged a federal

investigation into Jonestown, author of "Seductive Poison, A Survivor of

Jonestown Shares her Story"

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