Counterspin – November 17, 2006

Barack Obama wasn’t running for anything this
election season, but you may have thought that he was, judging from the
media coverage he generated. Obama’s appeal extends across the political and
pundit spectrum; indeed, finding anything approaching critical coverage of
the freshman Senator is next to impossible. So what’s going on here? Glen
Ford of the Black Agenda Report joins us to talk about it.

Also on CounterSpin: We know that media can turn any factoid into a
phenomenon when they choose: after the last election we were subjected to
months of discourse on how voters put ‘moral values’ above all else based on
a single exit poll question. So what will media make of the fact that, in
the midterm elections, proponents of so-called ‘free trade’ agreements were
handed their hats, especially given that those trade agreements enjoy such
unequivocally endorsement in the elite media? We’ll hear from Chris Slevin
of Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch, on that story.

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