The Morning Show

The Morning Show – November 14, 2006

7:08 Will the Dem’s Investigate the Crimes of Bush?

Medea Benjamin, co-founder of Global Exchange and Code Pink

Charlie Cray, Director of the Center for Corporate Policy

7:33 Michigan’s Ban on Affirmative Action

Mary Bejian, ACLU of Michigan’s first Field Organizer and is now Field Director,

7:45: California Legislative Report Card on Racial Equality
Menachem Kracjer [CRY-tsur], Lead Author FACING RACE 2006, Senior Policy Analyst, Applied Research Center

8:08 Percy Schmeiser, Canadian Farmer whose canola fields were
contaminated with GMO seed, and in turn was sued by Monsanto,
8:25 Christopher Cook, 415-647-8127 author of "Diet for a Dead Planet" Wed. 11/15, 7-9 PM New College Cultural Center, 766 Valencia, San Francisco

8:36 "THE PEACE PATRIOTS: A New Feature-Length Documentary FilmAbout Dissent In A Time Of War"
Robbie Leppzer Filmmaker on a National Speaking Tour to College Campuses @ the University of San Francisco on Tuesday, 11/14.

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