Sunday Salon

Sunday Salon – October 29, 2006

This week on Sunday Salon…

In our first hour…

Ohio. People concerned about fairness at the polls are watching the state
for signs of voter suppression, fraud, and irregularities. We’ll speak with
attorney Cliff Arnebeck of Ohio Common Cause, and
Columbus radio host Charles Traylor.
Then, a look at what’s happening across the country, what might happen in
Congress, and what’s going on with the Barak Obama phenomenon.

Jennifer Senior, writer for New York Magazine;
Paul Glastris, Editor-in-Chief of the Washington Monthly

In our second hour…
Present-day Propaganda: the documentary film…

James Forscher, Director of the Media Production Program at California State
University East Bay, and curator of the upcoming "The Pow Pow Power of
Persuasion," a film series at Berkeley’s Pacific Film Archives
Andrew Berends, filmmaker, "The Blood of My Brother"; and
James Longley, filmmaker, "Iraq in Fragments"

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