Radio Chronicles

Radio Chronicles – October 8, 2006

SPECIAL: Crossing Borders – from Mexico to US, a Tale of Two Countries. Your guide, Marcos Martinez, of KUNM- Albuquerque, plays some border radio: Poet Luis Alberto Urrea delivers his "Hymn to Vatos Who Will Never Appear in a Poem" and travels "The Devil’s Highway," from his book about death in the desert. In "Sasabe," a Sonora, Mexico border town, Scott Carrier talks to immigrants along their hazardous, illegal desert crossing, and to the border patrol waiting for them in Sasabe, Arizona. "And I walked…" (with Charles Bowden) is a border-crossing sound- portrait by Ann Heppermann and Kara Oehler, from the Third Coast Festival’s ShortDocs series. Guillermo Gómez-Peña gives a "Citizenship Lesson," from his CD Borderless Radio, and imagines "Maquiladoras of the Future," fantasy border factories. And One-minute Vacation podcasts a Saint Jude’s festival in the highlands of Michoacan recorded by Siamack Sioshansi, and evening mass at the Church of Carmen Alta in Oaxaca City recorded by Bronwyn Ximm.

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