The Morning Show

The Morning Show – September 27, 2006

7:08 A Military Revolt Against Bush
Doug MacGregor, US Army Colonel, retired with the Straus Military Reform Project at the Center for Defense Information in Washington, D.C. author of "Transformation Under Fire")
Carl Conetta, co-director of Project on Defense Alternatives

7:33 David Bacon on Labor
Gene Bruskin, Smithfield Campaign Director, UFCW The Smithfield campaign is an organizing drive at the largest pork processing plant in the world, in Tarheel, North Carolina.

8:08 Measure A Open Space in Santa Clara County
Jenny Derry (DEAR-EE), Executive Director of the Santa Clara County Farm Bureau,
Peter Drekmeyer, campaign coordinator for the Yes on Measure A,

8:36 SF Camerawork opens a new space with a six-month series of exhibitions
Sharon Tanenbaum, executive director of SF Camerawork
Chuck Mobley, associate director in charge of exhibitions

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