The Morning Show

The Morning Show – September 18, 2006

7:08 Can the Democrats Take Back the House or Senate?

Clarence Lusane, Prof. of International Relations, American Univ.

Larry Bensky, Pacifica National Affairs Correspondent and host of Sunday Salon

7:33 Damming the Nile

Frank Muramuzi, director of Uganda’s National Association of Professional Environmentalists (1st Congregational Church, Oakland, Tues. 9/19, 7:00 PM 2501 Harrison)

8:08 Quality of Life Citations in SF: Harass the Poor and Cost the Taxpayer

Sister Bernie Galvin, Ex. Director of Religious Witness with the Homeless

Rabbi Alan Lew, director of "Makor Or", the Jewish Meditation Center of San Francisco, Rabbi Emeritus at Congregation Beth Sholom

8:36 Robin Morgan, a founder of contemporary American feminism,

author of "Fighting Words: A Toolkit for Combating the Religious Right"

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