The Hear and Now

The Hear & Now – September 14, 2006

this episode is no longer available

Jeffrey Luck Lucas and his band perform songs from their new CD, What We Whisper–live in the KPFA performance studio.
Jeffrey Luck Lucas, formerly of the seminal 1980 garage-rock band The Morlocks, creates music that is slow, dark, cinematic, tragic, intensely lustful and lovely, as well as heartbreaking. These are songs that evoke visions of desert emptiness, loneliness, bitter love, and sweet–but often deadly–passion: these are hallucinatory western spirits in the headlights… there and then gone. According to a Dusted Magazine review, "Darkly gorgeous, unexpectedly uplifting, these slow-moving songs traverse desolate nighttime landscapes where conversations in road-houses and at neon-lit kitchen tables drift suddenly from trivialities to life-altering truth."

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