Counterspin – August 18, 2006

This week on CounterSpin: American diplomacy and prestige abroad has seldom been in lower water, a situation underlined by the White House’s destructive role in the Lebanon-Israel crisis. But do US media recognize the degree of the problem? We’ll talk to Ian Williams, UN correspondent for the Nation, and author to the blog Deadline Pundit, about the state of US diplomacy.

Also on the show: Lou Dobbs used to be known as the ‘money guy’ at CNN, with a long running financial news show. But if you’ve checked in recently, you know that Dobbs has morphed of late into a virtually single-note preacher on the issue of immigration, or as he might put it, ‘the problem of illegal aliens.’ In a way he’s still the money guy though; his anti-immigrant rants appear to be doing quite well for the network. We’ll talk about that with freelance journalist Daphne Eviatar.

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