Sunday Salon

Sunday Salon – August 13, 2006

In our first hour…

The Middle East Crisis: History, Context, and Prospects for Resolution. Analysis with author and journalist Chris Hedges; University of Chicago Professor of Modern Jewish History Bernard Wasserstein (Israelis and Palestinians: Why Do They Fight? Can They Stop? Yale U.P., 2003); and Rashid Kalidi, the Edward Said Professor of Middle Arab Studies/Director of the Middle East Institute at Columbia University (Resurrecting Empire: Western Footprints and America’s Perilous Path in the Middle East, Beacon Press, 2004).
But, first and update from Beirut from activist and artist Zena al-Khalil.

In our second hour…

How a University lives with the community surrounding it is important. Best practices from around the country, and how does UC Berkeley measure up? Guests: Doug Buckwald and Anne Wagely.

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