Sunday Salon

Sunday Salon – July 30, 2006

In our first hour…

An update from Beirut with artist, activist and blogger Zena al-Khalil:

Resisting War. Resisting Invasion and Occupation. On GI’s resisting
Vietnam and Iraq. Our guests: David Zeiger, filmmaker, "Sir, No Sir!"
(; and author and journalist Peter Laufer, "Mission
Rejected: US Soldiers Saying No to Iraq" (Chelsea Green;

And in our Second Hour…

Analysis on the crisis in the Middle East with MIT professor, author, and
commentator Noam Chomsky, whose most recent book is " Failed States: The
Abuse of Power and the Assault on Democracy." Plus, clips from the Media
Education Foundation DVD: Peace, Propadanda, and the Promised Land: U.S.
Media and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict."

It’s nearing the end of KPFA’s Summer Mini-fund drive. We’ll offer the
books and DVDs mentioned as thank-you gifts when you pledge your support to
KPFA during Sunday Salon.

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