Sunday Salon

Sunday Salon – July 16, 2006

This week on Sunday Salon…

In our first hour…

Three Israeli soldiers captured. Air strikes. Ground assaults. Dozens of
Palestinian, and now Lebanese, civilians killed. No negotiations. Crisis
in the Middle East.

And in our second hour…

Iraq. The U.S. occupation of Ramadi. Civilians killed by U.S. Troops.
Iraqis fleeing their homes hoping for safety. Confirmed guests: Free
Speech Radio News Correspondents Aaron Glantz, and Salam Talib. Glantz is
the author of "How America Lost Iraq," and spent months reporting from Iraq.
Talib is an Iraqi reporter now living in Berkeley. His brother, reporter
Alaa Hassan, died on June 28th, when his car was fired upon as he crossed a
Baghdad bridge. His whole family now plans to leave their home in Bagdhad.

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