Counterspin – July 7, 2006

John Feffer on North Korea

Neil DeMause on welfare and poverty

This week on CounterSpin: North Korea’s launch of several missiles on July
4th revealed once again the sensational and crisis-driven nature of US media coverage of North Korea. While media dredged up stories of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il’s irrationality and eccentricity, coverage left many Americans ill-informed US/North Korea relations. Korean expert John Feffer will join us to talk about the latest alleged crisis.

Also on the show: Remember Ronald Reagan and his Cadillac-driving welfare
queens? Now that the White House wants to tighten public assistance even
further, officials are pushing a new image: welfare recipients will no
longer get work credits for getting massages. What is that actually about,
and does anybody — in the press corps that is – care? We’ll hear about the latest round of welfare changes from journalist Neil DeMause.

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