Over the Edge

Over the Edge – July 7, 2006

"How Radio Was Done" Part 8 (Another UFO). Still in the time frame of Part 7 (Late ’40s and early ’50s) we focus in depth on the birth of both the atomic age and the modern UFO phenomenon as they both appeared on radio of the time. As post war atomic bomb testing on Bikini Island in the Pacific is covered by radio, Kenneth Arnold launches the term "flying saucer" after sighting a few while flying over Washington State. The Government establishes a series of UFO investigative groups culminating in Project Blue Book, as nation wide flying saucer sightings continue to show up in the country’s media, and both "factual" public affairs radio and science fiction shows, atomic angst in tow, immediately add "flying saucers" to their vocabularies. Lots of UFO actualities, features, and interviews from the time.

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