Sunday Salon

Sunday Salon – July 2, 2006

July 2nd 2006 is the 30th anniversary of the Supreme Court decision that reinstated the nation’s death penalty. A look at executions today with Micahel Meltsner, a former death row lawyer, author of the new book, "The
Making of a Civil Rights Lawyer" (University of Virginia Press); and Crystal
Bybee with the Campaign to End
the Death Penalty

With Cody’s books set to close it’s Telegraph Avenue store this
month, a new Berkeley City Manager’s report on revitalizing Telegraph, and accusations that People’s Park is to blame for the Avenue’s "fade," there’ll be a lot to talk about with our guests. Joining us: Cody’s owner, Andy Ross; Berkeley City Councilmember Kriss Worthington; and Terri Compost, and activist and organic gardner who gardens in People’s Park and is a former member of the People’s Park advisory committee.

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