APEX Express

APEX Express – June 15, 2006

We speak with Sarah Husain, editor of a new book: "Voices of Resistance" on Muslim women fighting oppression around the world. Surprisingly, as a recently Gallup poll showed, the issue of head scarfs and veils is not the top of their agenda. We talk with two spoken word
artists visiting the Bay area: Kelly Tsai from Chicago and Taiyo Na, a rapper from New York. Also, Japanese-American soldier Ehren Watada of Hawaii is the first commissioned officer to resist deployment to Iraq. Hear why he’s taking this stand. And a look back at the Asian-Pacific
islanders in the June 2006 election – who won, who lost. And check out
an interview with Beijing’s top Turntablist on our website www.apexexpress.org. Plus music,
calendar and more.

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