The Morning Show

The Morning Show – June 1, 2006

Election Time: Mark Crispin Miller, author of "Fooled Again: How the Right Stole the Election in 2004 and Why They’ll Steal the Next One Too Unless We Stop Them" Prof. of Media Studies at NYU

The Race to be the Democratic Party Candidate for Secretary of State: State Senator Debra Bowen of Marina del Rey; State Senator Deborah Ortiz, Sacramento

The Art of Puerto Rican Political Prisoners on the 25th Anniversary of Their Imprisonment: Oscar Lopez Rivera, Carlos Alberto Torres; Alejandro Luis Molina, National Coordinator of Not Enough Space Exhibit; Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, 2868 Mission St.

Jennifer Stone with Stone’s Throw

Silence the Violence Day, Alli Chugi-Starr

Robert Greenfield, author of "Timothy Leary: A Biography"

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