Sunday Salon

Sunday Salon – May 28, 2006

In our first hour…

This Memorial Day weekend sees a growing number of members of the U.S. military refusing to fight in Iraq. We’ll be joined by author/journalist Peter Laufer, who profiles conscientious objectors in his new book: "Mission Rejected: US Soldiers Who Say No to Iraq," and Paul Rieckhoff, Iraq War Veteran and executive director and founder of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. His new book is "Chasing Ghosts: A Soldier’s Fight for America From Baghdad to Washington" (Penguin).

And in our second hour…

Traveling is supposed to be relaxing…an adventure…a vacation. But, it’s increasingly stressful due to worry about airport security lines, environmental impacts, and prohibitive travel costs. What to do? We’ll speak with Lonely Planet’s Global Travel Editor Don George, who’ll take your questions too, of course.

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