Hard Knock Radio

Hard Knock Radio – May 26, 2006

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Hard Knock Radio features Margaret Cho, one of America’s most successful comedians, as well as one of the nation’s leading political and civil rights activists. She joins us today to talk about her new book, I Have Chosen to Stay and Fight.

About the book: Margaret Cho’s righteous comic rage finds its targets with pinpoint accuracy and is meant not only to entertain, but also to champion the civil liberties and raise awareness for the social injustices that are her impassioned causes-among them freedom of expression; gay rights; racial discrimination; and capital punishment. It is this blend of comedy and fervor that awakens the devotion of her legions of fans and permeates this book-her vehement, principled, and resoundingly funny political platform to shake us loose of the politics of disillusionment and get us through the years ahead.

I Have Chosen to Stay and Fight chronicles Cho’s adventures and misadventures in political activism and lays out what’s right in no uncertain terms.

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